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SK- SERIES - Features metric or lb weighing modes, NTEP & NSF Approved(except SK5001).  Our most popular seller.
SK-Z SERIES - Operate in gram, pound:fractional ounce or pound:decimal ounce modes.  NSF Approved (sanitary for food processing & food service)
SK-D SERIES - Weigh in metric or lb modes with dual displays. NOT NTEP & NSF Approved

The SK series by A&D are a must for controlling food costs.  Fast, accurate, and unmistakable a great value for your hard working dollar.  All SK models have a large 9.05" (W) x 7.48" (D) removable stainless steel platform for easy cleaning. 

Iteration of the SK include the SK-D versions - operate in metric or lb modes and have dual displays allowing for convenient use from both opposite sides of a prep table. Also the SK-Z models operate in gram, pound:fractional ounce (2L ¼oz, 2L ½oz, 2L ¾oz), or pound:decimal ounce(2.25 lb, 2.50 lb, 2.75lb) modes.

Choose of weighing capacities from 2.2 lbs up to 66 lbs and accuracy from 0.5g/0.001lb to 0.02kg/0.05lb.  Solid and reliable design is built into every SK scale to withstand the wear and tear of food service, food processing or even the harsh outside environment for applications like soil aggregate sampling.  Additional uses include formulation for soapmaking, candles, and component weighing. 

The SK-Series are Legal-For-Trade making the one of the lowest cost LFT scales on the market today.  Perfect for hardware and building supply stores selling bulk nails by the pound.

Download the Instruction Manual (412KB) now download manual  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

Displayed resolution 1/2,000

Large easy to read wide angle LCD display

Digital Calibration

Accurate readings over a wide temperature range

Stability Indicator

Separate keys for Power & Re-Zero

NSF Certified - Sanitary for Food Processing & Foodservice
Separate keys for Power & Re-Zero

Low battery indicator which alerts the operator when it is time to change the batteries.

Selectable Auto Power Off preserves battery

Strong construction (weigh pan tested 200,000 times) assures years of trouble free use

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